20 May 2024

20 May 2024

History Repeats Itself

I was reading this week about Israel’s founding in 1948. I posted a piece about it on my Patreon site. In Sir Martin Gilbert’s masterful work, Israel, he provides rich detail about the Jewish state’s modern history. I was struck by how similar 1948 is to 2024 and the interference of the Biden Regime. Really. I was not really aware that American perspectives on the Arab-Israeli conflict have not changed at all in 75 years. And they have been consistent.

In 1967, with Egypt breathing down Israel’s neck, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson urged Israel’s Levi Eshkol to stand down and not attack first. LBJ promised Israel could count on America.

Israel knew that they couldn’t. In fact, LBJ is among history’s most foul liars. Not only did Israel ignore him, they preempted the Arab armies surrounding them, and you know the rest.

The Six-Day War. Total victory. The return of their ancestral land.

Ahead of Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion sent Golda Meir on a secret mission to Transjordan to gauge where King Abdullah was in his view of war. The surrounding Arab states had promised to invade Israel if they went ahead with their plans for statehood. Abdullah represented the closest thing the Arabs presented as sane and reasonable. In fact, a few years later, Abdullah was apparently prepared to recognize Israel and sign a treaty. Of course, jihadists murdered him on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was a tragic failure to normalize relations.

And guess what? In the weeks leading up to May 14, the U.S. was pushing… a three-month ceasefire!

The days and hours became so tense and tight that no one knew what was going to happen. Military estimates were that Israel had, at best, a 50/50 chance of staving off a shattering defeat. They had very few tanks and a couple of planes. From Gilbert’s work:

“With Yadin and Galili on their way back to Haganah headquarters, Ben-Gurion, as chairman of the Provisional Council, called for a decision by a show of hands on the United States proposal for a cease-fire. By six votes to four, the proposal was rejected. It was then agreed that statehood would be established on the following Friday afternoon, in two days’ time.”


This is what I think is going to happen this time, too. The demonic pressure on Israel—America telling them how to fight their war and demanding ridiculous ceasefires—is simply the wrong way to go.

And sure enough, in only the last couple of days, Israel has uncovered the horrors in Rafah everyone knew were there. Three Israelis kidnapped on October 7 are now known to have been murdered then. For more than seven months, as their families hoped against hope, those three people have been decomposing in a hellhole made by Hamas. And also this week, five IDF soldiers were killed in a friendly fire incident. That incident wouldn’t have happened if Biden hadn’t pressured Israel. Their blood is on his hands. In the next life, he’ll be accountable.

Think of it. Every time their “great ally” America promises this and that, Israel knows they are alone. A good rule of thumb is, if patterns are present, if precedents are set, don’t trust anyone. If Israel had relied on the U.S. advice several times since World War 2, they wouldn’t be here now. During World War 2, FDR refused to send even one plane to bomb the tracks leading to Auschwitz.

The U.S. government is not Israel’s friend.

Israel right now is operating all through Gaza. In Rafah, they have cut off Hamas finally from the outside world. No more re-armament, no more supplies to wage war. More Hamas terrorists are being killed every day. The IDF has reduced the number of rocket launchers from 20,000 to a handful. And in the north, Hezbollah heats things up, but I have a conviction that all the doomsday talk of overwhelming Hezbollah rockets will turn back on the terrorists. It’s happened so many times before, stretching back to antiquity. God fights for His people.

He will now, too.








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