3 Apr 2024

3 Apr 2024

Earthquake hits Taiwan as US issues tsunami warning
A tsunami warning has been issued by the US authorities after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the east coast of Taiwan, with initial reports of shaking felt in Taipei.

Millions from Cincinnati to Atlanta face threat of strong, long-track tornadoes
After storms caused damage in the nation’s heartland Monday, Tuesday’s severe weather outbreak is expected to be more intense, with the potential for strong, long-track tornadoes that could tear across parts of Ohio, central and eastern Kentucky, southeastern Indiana and far western West Virginia.

Back-to-back wet years in Los Angeles set a rainfall record 
…with this past weekend’s storm dumping up to 4 inches of rain in some areas — pushing Los Angeles to a new two-year rain total not seen since the late 1800s and forestalling any hope for a quick end to the rainy season.

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits Northern Mariana Islands 
A strong and shallow earthquake registred by the USGS as M6.2 hit Northern Mariana Islands at 09:54 UTC on April 2, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Russia. Is. At. War.
Due to a flurry of western support for Ukraine, now escalating to ground troop insertions, Russia had to move its special military operation in Ukraine into the bigger scope of a full fledged war.

Trading Privacy For Convenience: Starbucks’ Biometric Experiment With Palm Payments In Washington Town
Starbucks has launched a trial of Amazon’s palm payment system Amazon One in a community north of Seattle, Washington. The coffee chain has already tried Amazon Go at concept stores built in partnership with Amazon in the city of New York.

Delaware Passes Bill To Use Dead Humans As Compost
Okay folks, here’s another tale from the dark side of politics. Looks like the Democrats’ have come up with a new way to desecrate life. Now, instead of ensuring a loved one gets a proper burial, they’re reduced to the compost heap. There is no sanctity of life for the Left.

Pastor Leads Massive Revival on Southern Border – Milton Quintanilla
A recent evangelistic outreach on the U.S. Southern border has thousands of people surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.

Haiti declared an ‘open-air prison’ as gang violence reaches ‘apocalyptic’ levels
Haiti’s crisis has got so bad that the country has now been described as an “open-air prison” as armed gangs continue to kill unarmed civilians and the humanitarian crisis deepens.

False Prophet Robert Breaker Caught Lying And Changing Facts To Keep Pushing The False “Revelation 12 Sign” 
Popular YouTube preacher Robert Breaker has (once again) been caught lying and changing key information in an attempt to falsely date the rapture and the Lord’s coming.

Florida Supreme Court – No Right to Abortion in Florida Constitution
On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking opinion that upholds the 15-week abortion ban and overrules the prior abortion opinions going back to the first abortion opinion in 1989 – the In re T.W. case. In doing do, the Court ruled there is no right to abortion in the Florida Constitution. Now that the 15-week ban has been upheld, the six-week ban will soon go into effect.

The New Federal State of China says the CCP Collapsed the Baltimore Bridge in a Terrorist Attack Against the United States
The New Federal State of China says the CCP Collapsed the Baltimore Bridge.

Mass Layoffs Begin At California Fast Food Chains As $20 Minimum Wage Law Takes Effect
This result shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Inflation has driven up operational costs for businesses across the US and shrunk profit margins for major food chains in the past few years.  This has led to higher menu prices (like the “$18 Big Mac”) and slowing sales for every major fast food company.  Another anchor dragging on the restaurant business in many regions was at least two years of covid stimulus coupled with rent moratoriums, creating aggressive labor shortages and raising wages in upwards of $16 per hour for brand new no-skill employees.

Ukrainian Drones Hit Russia’s Third-Largest Oil Refinery, Prompting White House Anger
…US equity futures are dipping lower as bond yields in the US continue to move higher as crude continues to surge and is up another 2% on growing fears of middle-eastern escalation after a senior Iranian commander was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Syria yesterday, with Iran immediately vowing revenge, and as Ukraine once again struck oil infrastructure targets deep inside Russia, overnight hitting Russia’s 3rd largest refinery, ~800 miles from the front lines.

Google Settles ‘Incognito’ Suit, Commits To Wiping User Browsing Data 
…Five plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit in 2020. The lawsuit covered millions of users and sought $5 billion in damages, a minimum of $5,000 per affected person. The lawsuit alleged Google misled users into believing that by using incognito mode while browsing the Internet, the tech firm wasn’t tracking their activities through third-party cookies, which help track user activity.

State Of Emergency Declared In Niagara Falls Over Total Solar Eclipse
A state of emergency has been declared near Niagara Falls to prepare for this month’s total solar eclipse amid expectations that hundreds of thousands of tourists will visit the area.

Taxpayers burned by state’s anti-Christian ‘non-discrimination’ agenda
Taxpayers in the state of Colorado are getting burned by the leftist agenda, pursued by Democrat Gov. Jared Polis and a Democrat-run legislature, to attack Christians with a so-called “non-discrimination” agenda that actually discriminates against people of faith.

Iran’s top commander in Syria killed in airstrike; Tehran blames Israel, vows revenge
Iran accused Israel Monday of carrying out an airstrike on a building next to Iran’s embassy in Damascus that killed seven members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including the top Iranian commander in Syria.

What Happened The Last Time Two Eclipses Formed A Giant “X” Over The New Madrid Fault Zone?
Could it be possible that history is about to repeat itself?  On April 8th, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will complete the giant “X” over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started…But what is not widely known is that we have seen this same pattern before.  In 1811, a solar eclipse finished the giant “X” over the heartland of America that a solar eclipse in 1806 had started…Approximately three months after the giant “X” over America was completed, cataclysmic earthquakes began erupting along the New Madrid fault.

Climate alarmists are warned that banks won’t play their part in “net zero” commitments
The financial industry’s initial rush to commit to net zero carbon footprints at the 2021 COP26 summit in Glasgow has hit a reality check. Banks that pledged to reduce financed emissions and invest billions in “green” and “sustainable” deals are re-evaluating their net zero commitments after facing the realities these drastic changes will have on their business.

‘COVID Was A Lie, An Illusion Created by Government to Take Complete Control’ & ‘The Penny Is Dropping Everywhere!’ 
“Penny is dropping everywhere! I wouldn’t want to be a covid cultist/jabaholic doctor/nurse or one that knows deep down what’s happened and the collateral harms/injuries/deaths but is remaining silent to calling out the biggest medical fraud/crime ever committed on humanity! Justice is coming…..the house of cards is collapsing!”

California bill would require many social media users to ‘authenticate’ personal info 
Many social media users would be required to submit personal information to California under proposed legislation.

UN Aid Funds Terrorists and Tyrants
At the urging of the United Nations, aid is being sent to Gaza, where it will be received and distributed by Hamas, the authority in Gaza. Designated as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by the U.S. government in 1997, Hamas imposes taxes on all imports and exports, including aid, which has contributed to Gaza’s initial poverty. Now, with the humanitarian crisis caused by Hamas’s October 7th attack on Israel, the United Nations and the global community are providing funding to Hamas.

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