Listen Up, We Just Might Be The Terminal Generation :: By Jim Towers

Listen Up, We Just Might Be The Terminal Generation :: By Jim Towers

Every day now, Holy Scripture is being fulfilled, all while many Christians sit in the pews checking their stock portfolios on their cell phones, oblivious to the preaching pastor who struts the podium and talks about nothing spiritual while finding it hard to get the congregants’ attention. All while the older people fall asleep as the pastor drones on about the Superbowl. Most have never read the Bible, let alone prophecy, which is being fulfilled all around them.

Meanwhile, our country and the world continue to fall apart, thus fulfilling the prophecies of the Bible. Earthquakes abound, weird weather dominates the news everywhere, with worldwide storms continuing unabated like never before. Young people resort to taking drugs to ease the pain of confusion and hopelessness. Without a sense of right and wrong, they resort to violence and mind-numbing drugs. “Doesn’t anyone care about me?” they scream inwardly. Even as these catastrophic events continue, others go about life as usual, oblivious to their desperate cry for help, stepping over their prone bodies as they go to work or play.

Now, the world news cycles are focusing on UFOs, which are becoming commonplace in the skies.

Last night, as I watched Unsolved Mysteries, I was mesmerized by an event that took place in Michigan, my home state – on Lake Michigan to be exact. Sometime back in the eighties, many people along the coast spotted an anomaly in the skies over the shore, a group of lights that broke apart and came back together again as if they were playing hide and go seek with one another.

One person who lives near the beach said that it had a stream of water not unlike a waterspout emanating from the bottom of the disk-like flying object. (I speculate it had to do something with the propulsion system using H2O and was sucking it up into the craft.) In any case, there were reports of sightings from across the area, including from a weatherman who tracked the objects with radar used in tracking weather systems. Since retiring, the weatherman says he is going to get to the bottom of the matter by interviewing as many people as possible who witnessed the event. I would ask, “To what avail”?

If he had read the Bible, he would have known that it was a clear sign that we are living in the end times – that we might be the terminal generation – or better yet – a warning of it being imminent.

Obviously, God let these people have a glimpse behind the veil of His parallel universe just enough to wake them up – a warning (portent) from the unseen world – a world in which unseen forces and entities reside. Heavy, right?

Afterward, I finished the night on the internet watching an interview by Pierce Morgan, who was interviewing one of my favorite people in the world, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Peterson is a deep thinker who is just beginning to read the Bible and trying to make sense of it. He has also appeared on YouTube and has become a very influential man the world over.

Even so, the lectures are resonating with young people across the globe. This man has been a Godsend to many, although liberals hate him for exposing their hypocrisy, lunacy, and outright madness.

Dr. Peterson, being new to the faith, is trying to make sense of the Bible, not yet realizing that without the Holy Spirit, we can’t have Spiritual discernment. I have sent my book out to him with the hope that he will read it and find some answers to the profound questions he ponders. Plumbing the depths of human rationality just doesn’t cut it.

When he is asked if he believes in God, he deflects by saying, “I try to live as though he exists.” But without faith, it is impossible to please God. He also seems to believe we can rationalize and pull up our own lives by the proverbial bootstraps, or rational thought. But while some can, others cannot; they just don’t know why they can’t quit certain sins, faults, and foibles (only the Holy Spirit can help us overcome these traits) – fear is a common denominator. Fear of the future, fear of not having enough to eat or what to wear. Fear of what others may think of us, fear of heights, fear of their own shadow even.

Phobias abound, making Dr. Peterson relevant, and at least he is trying where some church leaders fear to tread, not being aware of their own motivations, while Jesus admonishes us not to fear anything, saying, “If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear.”

My hope is that Dr. Peterson will read my book Visions, Miracles, Peace, and Power for a couple of reasons, First, being a new Christian, this happening is outside his preview. Aside from that, his wife has recently become a Roman Catholic, and he is listening to her about such things. You see, he and his wife and daughter were very sick for a long time, and I suspect that in praying about these tragic circumstances, they were all forced to do so – each of their own volition. After they were all miraculously healed at about the same time, he had to admit that God had answered their desperate cries for help. This drew them each closer to God, who became more real to them (until then, Dr. Jordan was an agnostic, as was his wife).

Relying on his keen intelligence as a deep-thinking professor and psychologist, Peterson has tried to rationalize everything he taught to his university students and now to the general public via the books he has written. Today, he goes about trying to make up for lost time by advocating for the faith, even going so far as holding Bible studies on YouTube with other so-called world-renowned intellectuals.

Jordan is still grappling with the Christian faith, and his latest endeavor is called We Who Wrestle with God, something that he can’t quite understand because he is afraid to appropriate the Holy Spirit and not being able to live up to God’s high standards. Little does he know that a person need not wrestle with God – but only submit to Him.

In my book, I talk about my conversion experience (which is quite different than his, as all testimonies are) but with one caveat – and that is that we can only be saved by grace through faith (something even Martin Luther had to deal with in the early stages of his conversion after he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church).

Insofar as the Miracles are concerned, all three family members were healed from life-threatening illnesses (at approximately the same time). Now, if that doesn’t constitute a miracle – or miracles, then I don’t know what does.

Although Dr. Peterson is doing the best (humanly speaking) that he can with what he knows and has jumped feet first right into the Power portion – as he interprets it – he is still only treading water. A person needs to be able to swim powerfully to be effective.

Jesus said to His disciples, “You shall receive Power after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in all the world.” But something happened along the way, and far too many Christians have become too worldly to do any spiritual good.


Jim Towers

You can write me at or visit me at My book Visions, Miracles, Peace, and Power can be ordered on Amazon Books and Kindle. You can also find me on my newly restructured website which now features videos of worldwide events taking place in the present time.


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