31 Mar 2024

31 Mar 2024

Flash Flood Warnings issued in Los Angeles amid atmospheric river storm
Millions in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas were under Flash Flood Warnings on Saturday as the latest in a band of heavy rainfall soaked Southern California.

Outrage Ensues As Biden Celebrates “Transgender Day of Visibility” On Easter
The White House has released a statement celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which President Joe Biden ‘proclaimed’ in 2021 as March 31 – and which has been celebrated by activists on this day since 2014 after this individual ‘founded and organized’ it.

CCP-Linked Battery Manufacturer Files Lawsuit to Evict Michigan Man From His Land
A battery manufacturing company that’s linked to the Chinese Communist Party has filed a lawsuit against a Michigan man who is refusing to leave his land, which is located near where the company is set to build its new plant.

DEVELOPING: Oklahoma Bridge Shut Down After Being Struck by Barge
A bridge near the Kerr Lock & Dam in Sallisaw, Oklahoma was shut down on Saturday after it was struck by a barge.

Shock as AP Photo of Shani Louk’s Corpse Wins ‘Picture of the Year’
Critics reacted in alarm this week after the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri awarded the Associated Press with a “Pictures of the Year” award for photos including an Israeli victim of Hamas.

Report: Poll Finds Majority Believe Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead
A recent poll reportedly found that a large percentage of registered voters believe that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead.

Liquid nitrogen mishap kills 750,000 fish in rivers in Iowa and Missouri, officials say
A fertilizer spill at a farming cooperative has contaminated a nearly 50-mile stretch of river, killing 750,000 fish, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Trillions of bugs to swarm in ‘once-per-221-years’ mating frenzy in weeks – it last happened to the Founding Fathers
TRILLIONS of cicadas are set to invade the United States for the first time in 221 years, scientists say. In late April, two large broods of periodical cicadas are expected to emerge from the ground for a noisy mating frenzy.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Container Ship “Potentially Atop High-Pressure Underwater Gas Line”
The federal government authorized $60 million for salvage efforts for the 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge at the Port of Baltimore, which collapsed on Tuesday after being struck by a large container ship. A massive CIA-linked floating crane has arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, along with other cranes, and it will soon begin clearing the mangled bridge from the shipping channel, which has paralyzed the entire port.

GAVI wants to manufacture vaccines in Africa but India’s Serum Institute says no 
The Serum Institute of India, already the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, is set to launch a new malaria vaccine by June and play a crucial role in responding to future outbreaks within 100 days. Before the covid pandemic, the institute’s vaccines reached nearly two-thirds of the world’s children. With the malaria vaccine, Serum wants to make itself indispensable, globally.

Conquered: Italian Journalists Beaten in French Islamic ‘No-Go Zone’; Police Blame Victims for Not Adhering to Sharia Law
Italian news reporter Eugenia Fiore, who was injured in a violent attack by Muslim men outside a mosque in Roubaix, France recounted a policewoman’s chilling words at the station: “That’s their territory; if you had worn the veil, probably none of this would have happened.

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