26 Feb 2024

26 Feb 2024

26 Feb 2024

Society in the Cesspool


Minnesota: Two police officers and a paramedic were shot to death while responding to a family in danger call. Others were injured. The suspect didn’t have gun rights due to a felony conviction, yet he had multiple guns.

Violence at High School in Brockton, Massachusetts, is so Bad That School Committee Members Are Calling for National Guard Intervention to restore order.


Good news! PRESIDENT TRUMP: “….we still need the hand of our LORD and the grace of almighty God!” President Trump is on a roll today…I’m on the THIRD incredible article in one day highlighting something incredible President Trump has said about God, Jesus, Faith and the Cross of Christ.

Follow the money: Left-wing donors financed Bible study urging Church to stay out of politics.

Neighborhood Satan Clubs… Teaching Children To Call Evil Good And Good Evil. Satanists are now busy taking their worship of evil into lives of elementary schoolchildren with Satan Clubs. They advertise them as fun, happy, educational, and full of hope. They present the devil as a great guy — an angel of light.

The Left’s Anti-Faith Climate Has Made It Open Season on Christians—At Home and Abroad.

To Understand The Globalists, We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Western world experienced a sudden burst of open occultism among ultra-rich elites. The rise of “Theosophy” was underway, becoming a trend that would set the stage for “new age” spiritualism. The primary driver of the movement was a small group of obscure academics led in part by a woman named H.P. Blavatsky. The group was obsessed with esoteric belief, Gnosticism, and even Satanism. If you want to know why the globalists are engaged in a very real war on the minds of the masses, you can’t overlook their religious motivations.

Does Pope Francis Have All the Markers of An Apocalyptic Figure? Put it together: Marxism, environmentalism, new world order, global government, sustainable development, Jesuit agenda, unity of faiths, global constitution, global court, etc. We live in interesting times. And the hour is very late.

Vatican sponsors youth guide promoting ‘values’ of ‘heretical’ interfaith Abu Dhabi document.


Holocaust ‘Exaggerated’? Our Young People Desperately Need An Education. A study showed 20% of our population ages 18-29 believe the Holocaust never happened and it’s all mythology. Another 23% believe it’s “exaggerated.” Friends, it’s not exaggerated. Satan wants us to believe it never happened.

Flemish Parliament Stormed by Pro-Terrorism Protesters; One MP Stood to Defend Israel .

Three gunmen attacked Israeli pedestrians in their cars, killing one & injuring 11, including a pregnant woman. Two terrorists were killed at the scene; another escaped, only to be neutralized later.

Imam recites Quran at Belgian parliament, calling for killing, kidnapping of Jews.

Israeli forces found a book titled The End of the Jews written by a Hamas co-founder that praised the Holocaust.


US Sec. of State Tony Blinken instructed State Department officials to refrain from using terms like father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter… so as not to be ‘offensive’ to coworkers. The world is falling apart, and he’s rewriting the English language.

State-enforced gender ideology is letting ‘transgender’ pedophiles escape justice. The transgender movement wields so much power that even men who rape children can sometimes avoid prison simply by claiming to be a woman. Perhaps keen-eyed readers will notice some weird inconsistencies in a story recently reported this month in the U.K. press.

New Biden Regulation Would Force Gov’t Schools To Bow Before ‘Gender Identities.’ Under the guise of protecting students’ “civil rights,” the Biden administration’s new regulation purports to force government schools nationwide to bow before all the invented “gender identities” and sexual perversions that now dominate the “education” system. The rule would also overturn state laws banning males in girls’ sports.

Illinois Bill Would Make it ‘Abuse’ for Parents to Object to Trans Hormones, Mutilation and Abortion. House Bill 4876, which was introduced in early February, also shields doctors from liability.

Sexualization of Children Has Replaced Education. In New Hampshire, a state representative read to the House sexually explicit passages from school materials for middle school kids. Clearly, these materials are part of the sexual grooming of kids for pedophiles. I honestly think it’s the purpose of Democrats to turn public schools into brothels.


Trans Activist Assaults Pro-Life Students at Virginia March for Life.

Maryland gov’s abortion activism could bring ‘Gosnell’s house of horrors’ to the state. Governor Moore is basking in praise from abortion activists after announcing an additional $15.6 million in funding aimed at promoting abortion, especially in rural areas.

GOP senators propose bill to protect aborted babies from gruesome medical experimentation.


Good news!: New York Appeals Court Announces Decision on Dems’ Non-Citizen Voting Scheme. A lawsuit in New York led by the Republican National Committee saw sanity prevail when an appellate court ruled that non-U.S. citizens cannot vote in our elections. If the absurd policy had been allowed to stand, some 900,000 non-citizens would be able to cast votes in municipal elections in the Big Apple.

UN’s Next Goals: End National Militaries, Establish Global Military, Disarm You. This September, the globalists plan to discuss the disarmament not only of nations but of citizens as well.

The Year of Cascading Crises. It looks like 2024 might be a year in which the crises cascade. They won’t be natural disasters (though that could happen) but more like social and political disasters.


Google AI image generator refuses to show white people. After users slammed Google’s artificial intelligence tool, Gemini, for refusing to show images of white people and creating historically inaccurate images in the name of diversity, Google paused the Gemini AI image generation feature.


Good news! Missouri Republican governor sending Nat’l Guard to Texas border to support Republican Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star at the southern border between the US and Mexico.

30 thousand Chinese “Migrants” encountered at US border so far this fiscal year. If that pace through four months continues to year’s end, the final figure will dwarf the massive influx of possible spies and sleeper military personnel who crossed the border since beginning of fiscal 2021.

Imported African Wars: Eritrean Migrant Riots Turn Western Streets into Battlefields.

Former Border Chief Reveals He Was Ordered to Flood Europe with Illegals . Two years after his departure, Fabrice Leggeri opens up about his time at the EU border guard agency. The message he repeatedly heard from EU leadership. “Bring the migrants here and welcome them. Whether you like it or not, we are an aging continent, and that is why you must let them in.”


Food Spending’s Share of Disposable Income Hits Highest Level in Three Decades.


US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious. U.S. government is spending $1million of taxpayer money to fund experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists. The research involves infecting ducks and geese with different strains to make them more transmissible and infectious and studying the viruses’ potential to ‘jump into mammalian hosts.’

Deadly Listeria Outbreak Triggers Nationwide Recall at Major Retailers. This is another reminder of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration and lax regulations. Rizo-López Foods, connected to the outbreak, has been under investigation since 2014, raising questions about the efficiency of our health officials.

Mexican cartels flood Montana with fentanyl and meth. These cartels are having a devastating impact, especially on Montana’s Indian reservations; crimes and overdoses are increasing in these communities.


Vaccinated are susceptible to viral infections and “Covid vaccine heart syndrome.”

Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid Vaccines? ‘It May be Time to Speak Up…’ says Dr Tess Lawrie

Although doctors and other medical professionals may expect their actions of the last four years in relation to the dangerous COVID-19 jab will be defended by politicians, health and regulatory authorities, etc, they may be in for a shock. Doctors, it seems, will instead be the scapegoats “for when the anger and distress of ordinary men and women can no longer be contained” and Dr Lawrie urges health professionals who now realize the harms caused by these jabs to speak up now.


Forecaster says 2024 hurricane season could be a ‘blockbuster.’ Others say it’s too early to tell.

Nearly all of California’s coastal areas were under flood watches from atmospheric river through Wednesday. The rainfall comes two weeks after a massive storm brought widespread, dangerous flooding throughout Southern California.

Destructive avalanche hits Afghanistan; at least 25 people dead. The death toll could rise as efforts to reach and assist the affected continue under challenging weather conditions.

Largest winter snowfall since 1975 and severe cold leave nearly 668,000 livestock dead in Mongolia. One person died. Disaster relief efforts were initiated, focusing on providing essential aid, including food, fuel, and livestock feed to affected communities.


Yemen’s Houthis say they attacked two US ships in Gulf of Aden. The group was pressed by Iran in October to join Hezbollah and Hamas in initiating attacks on Israel.

Houthis reportedly sink British ship in Red Sea, the first time since the start of Israel’s war on Hamas that a crew had to abandon their ship because of the Houthis.

Iran Sends Russia Hundreds of Ballistic Missiles.

Israel strikes Hezbollah weapons caches in Lebanon after drone attack in Israel near Sea of Galilee.


On April 8th, The Great American Eclipse Of 2024 Will Cross Over 7 U.S. Locations Named “Ninevah.” Is this a sign and warning for the nation to repent just like the city of Ninevah in the ancient world?



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